Substance Abuse

If you or someone you love is involved in substance abuse or alcoholism and wants to stop, it can be done. It is estimated that over 18 million adult Americans are alcoholics or have alcohol problems. There is an estimated 19.9 illicit drug users. These numbers do not include prescription drug abuse. While an individual who has become an addict, is an addict for life, the addict can arrest their substance abuse. Recovery is possible.

Addiction/Alcoholism affects the whole family. The wounds the addict experiences are only a piece of the tragedy. The parents, the spouse, the siblings, and everyone associated with the addict is wounded. Dr. Boylin works with the individual as well as the family.

The first goal in treatment is safety. Dr. Boylin subscribes to a "Harm Reduction" model of treatment. The first task is to minimize the damage that is being done to the addict and to the addict's family. Then, as an individual eliminates their alcohol intake or their substance abuse, they need to work on the hurts that contributed to the addiction and to heal the acquired wounds. Dr. Boylin provides a safe environment in which the individual can work on these issues.

Dr. Boylin believes that recovery is an individual path and each person must find their own way. Dr. Boylin helps you find that path. However, what we do know about substance abuse helps the individual gain tools to help with their recovery. He encourages participation in 12 Step Self-Help groups, including A.A. and Al-Anon.

William Boylin

Dr. Boylin's first position was as a Rehabilitation Counselor in a substance abuse facility. He later worked For 17 years as a Supervising Psychologist and Director of Family Services in the Addiction Services Divison of the Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown Conn. In private practice he treats individuals, couples or the whole family to eliminate substance abuse/ alcoholism. He is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. He has published articles regarding substance abuse treatment in professional journals.