synopsis: Travel into the world of the psychiatric hospital. Follow a young therapist as he fights to work with troubled teens in a facility run by an egomaniacal director. In his war against mental illness he faces battles with sexual abuse, lies, deception, violence and incest. Experience the elation that comes from helping troubled youth. Enjoy the humor that accompanies absurd and ridiculous behavior. Understand the devastation the therapist endures when the hospital fails a young patient.

Cinematic and vividly portrayed, this is the humanizing, intimate and entertaining coming of age journey of a real shrink through the moral and administrative morass of a mental hospital. While keeping faith with families in distress and fighting the good fight, Bedlam reveals what it really means today to be a therapist in the jungle of medication and so-called managed care that too often passes for clinical treatment. What a ride!

- Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., ABPP, Director of Behavioral Medicine, University of Massachusetts; Author of: The Family Unconscious, and Families and the Interpretation of Dreams.

Listen to Faith Middleton as she interviews Dr. Boylin about his book Bedlam.
(2 segment interview, Dr. Boylin starts @ 13 minutes) Air date 02/02/2009.